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2023 Swift Conqueror 560

Manufacturer: Swift
Price: £30970.00

2023 Swift Conqueror 560 Caravan Specifications

Caravan Year: 2023
Caravan Internal Length: 5.93 m
Caravan External Length: 7.54 m
Caravan Width: 2.28 m
Caravan Unladen Weight: 1558 kg
Caravan MTPLM: 1714 kg
Caravan Awning Size: 1030 cm
2023 Caravan End of Season Sale
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The listed price of this caravan includes our end of season promotional discount, valid whilst stocks last. Remaining Sprite, Sprite Grande and Aventura caravans are reduced by £500, Challenger, Challenger SE, Challenger Grande and Challenger Grande SE are reduced by £750, and Conqueror and Elegance Grande models are reduced by £1,000.

Following the success of its return last season, Conqueror has gone even further to ensure that it remains at the top of its game for single axle caravan luxury. With three popular layouts to choose from, the range sees a full external redesign, giving it a sleek silhouette for a distinctive look. A new lighter woodgrain alongside cream high-gloss lockers and atmospheric lighting emphasizes Conqueror’s premium identity. Natural light filtering through the front panoramic sunroof brings the outside in, while the Alde radiator central and water heating maintains a comfortable environment whatever the weather.

Every feature of Conqueror has been carefully considered for decadent, convenient travels. Featuring the exclusive Swift Command control panel and Swift Command Tracker, as well as an array of stylish exterior upgrades, Conqueror is sure to make you the envy of the campsite. Swift Conquerors are built to last using Swift Group’s SMART intelligent construction system provide outstanding value for money at weights that can be towed by most family cars. Backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 10-year bodyshell warranty to provide the ultimate piece of mind.

Some photos may be of other models and layouts as we're currently awaiting more photos to be released. These will be updated once they're available. Weights and measurements will also be added once they're available, please contact us and we can supply estimated weights and dimensions if required. Additionally, if travelling to view a specific model, please contact your desired branch to ensure availability before travelling.

This 2023 Swift Conqueror 560 new caravan is currently available to order from both of our caravan dealerships. To discuss pricing, delivery details or to request any further information, please contact our sales teams by email, phone, or through our online chat facility. We are open through the week, weekends and most bank holidays.

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