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2022 Swift Challenger X 860

Manufacturer: Swift
Sale Agreed
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2022 Swift Challenger X 860 Caravan Specifications

Caravan Year: 2022
Caravan Internal Length: 5.83 m
Caravan External Length: 7.54 m
Caravan Width: 2.45 m
Caravan Unladen Weight: 1504 kg
Caravan MTPLM: 1660 kg
Caravan Awning Size: 10.20 cm

Save £6,110 with this new 2022 Swift Challenger X 860 which comes with full manufacturer's warranty. This is the last model available at this price.

Completely restyled last season, the ever-popular Challenger range is expanded for 2022 with a new X860 layout, including L-shaped lounge, rear island bed and mid-washroom. The range now boasts even more standard specification such as a 100W solar panel and LED spotlights with USB sockets, plus a simplified control system and dedicated radio. With a stylish, welcoming interior that’s ideal for families, Challenger X models the modern Coyote soft furnishings scheme, whose warm, natural tones complements the Aralia Sen woodgrain and locker doors. High-performing Alde radiator central heating and water heating is also fitted as standard.

The extra space allows for a wider opening central window and front chest, plus larger bed make-up in the front lounge, making it more relaxing than ever to be out on the open road. And thanks to low energy LED lighting throughout and a well-equipped kitchen and washroom, this tourer is destined to extend the popularity of Challenger.

As with all Swift tourer ranges, Challenger X is built on Swift’s pioneering SMART construction platform with a timberless bodyshell and durable GRP outer skin, delivering outstanding build quality and a 10-year bodyshell warranty, subject to terms and conditions. There are two single axle and two twin axle Challenger X models available this season including the popular X850 with L shaped front lounge. All models sleep four and come with a fixed double bed that includes a Duvalay Duvalite Gravity Luxe mattress for a relaxing sleep. Some photos may be of other models and layouts as we're currently awaiting more photos to be released. These will be updated once they're available. Weights and measurements will also be added once they're available, please contact us and we can supply estimated weights and dimensions if required.

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