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Camptech Atlantis DL All Season

Manufacturer: Dorema
Price: £928.00

The roof and walls are manufactured from all season coated polyester Climatech SR21 material which makes it perfect for a seasonal pitch. The Atlantis Steel 22/25mm Frame consists of our unique Griploc clamps. Included with the frame will be Uniloc Pads to assist in fitting the frame to the side of your caravan. Combining all of these factors together creates a highly durable all season awning.

The setup is made to feel extremely simple. Once assembled the large windows ensure that the Atlantis DL is a bright and spacious environment. If you choose to, these windows can also be zipped out partially or fully to give you more ventilation and to open up your awning during pleasant weather. With the durability of the YKK and Techline Smoothline Zips these help ensure you always have a flush fitting, easy zip panel.

One of the many great features built into the Atlantis DL is the netted pockets in the side panel of your awning where you can store light reading material and if desired you can lower the privacy blinds to block out light or to create privacy when you vacate the awning. The Atlantis DL also features roll back front panels which is great for an optional wide front door. This item also has fly screen ventilation on both sides which is excellent for additional protection and keeping the insects out.



Size 9 – 24.7kg

Size 10 – 25.6kg 

Size 11 – 26.5kg

Size 12 – 27.2kg

Size 13 – 29kg

Size 14 – 29.5kg

Size 15 – 30.3kg

Size 16 – 30.8kg 

Size 17 – 32kg

Size 18 – 32.5kg

Size 19 – 33.5kg

Size 20 – 34kg

Size 21 – 34.8kg

Size 22 – 35.2kg


Size 08-10 Frame – 13.52kg 

Size 11-13 Frame – 16.65kg 

Size 14-16 Frame – 19.95kg

Size 17-19 Frame – 20.65kg

Size 20-22 Frame – 22kg


Roof material: Climatech SR21 All Season Coated Polyester

Wall material: Climatech SR21 All Season Coated Polyester

Available in sizes 9 to 22

Depth: 240cm

Colour: Anthracite/Light Grey

Frame: Size 11-22 are supplied with 2 extra roof poles, sizes 14-22 are supplied with 2 extra front leg poles & sizes 20-22 are supplied with 2 extra roof raiser poles.

Flyscreen Ventilation On Both Sides

Techline Centre Secure Bracket

Unilock Pads

Techline Zips

Draft Skirt

Wheel Arch Cover

Storage Pocket


Heavy Duty Nylon Pegs

Ladder Bands

Peg Bag

Figure of 8

Canvas Holdall Bag 

*Annex, safelock system kit, inner tent, partition wall, roof lining electric pump, sunwings and sun canopy not included.

Enhance the living space of your caravan with the addition of a caravan awning during your holidays. Our selection includes sun canopies, full or porch awnings, poled and air awnings, drive away awnings, awning annexes, and various other caravan and awning accessories to complement your caravan awning. 

While we strive to maintain a diverse range of awnings, the vast array of sizes and combinations means that we may not always have every option in stock. In such cases, your purchase may be dispatched directly from the manufacturer, typically arriving within a couple of working days. In the rare event that your chosen awning is not immediately available from the manufacturer, we will promptly contact you within one business day to provide an accurate delivery date.     

Opt for convenience with our delivery service available throughout the UK mainland. Alternatively, you have the option to personally collect your awning in-store from either Torksey Caravans at Lincoln Road, Torksey Lock, Lincoln, LN1 2EL, or Sheffield Caravans at Chesterfield Road, Swallownest, Sheffield, S26 4TL.



Dorema Size Guide

Measure your caravan through the awning rail from ground to ground at both ends, as shown in the diagram here. Ensure your measurement follows through the rail, and includes the gap from the caravan to the floor. Then check your measurement against the chart below. This will provide you with the Dorema awning size required. Dorema strongly recommend that anyone seasonally siting their awning should measure the caravan on the seasonal pitch prior to ordering their awning. For example, a pitch with decking could alter the awning size required.

  • 2 670cm to 700cm
  • 3 700cm to 725cm
  • 4 725cm to 750cm
  • 5 750cm to 775cm
  • 6 775cm to 800cm
  • 7 800cm to 825cm
  • 8 825cm to 850cm
  • 9 850cm to 875cm
  • 10 875cm to 900cm
  • 11 900cm to 925cm
  • 12 925cm to 950cm
  • 13 950cm to 975cm
  • 14 975cm to 1000cm
  • 15 1000cm to 1025cm
  • 16 1025cm to 1050cm
  • 17 1050cm to 1075cm
  • 18 1075cm to 1100cm
  • 19 1100cm to 1125cm
  • 20 1125cm to 1150cm
  • 21 1150cm to 1175cm
  • 22 1175cm to 1200cm
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