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2009 Coachman Wanderer LUX 17/4

Manufacturer: Coachman
Price: £8,995.00

Caravan Specifications

Caravan Berth: 4
Caravan Year: 2009
Caravan Internal Length: 5.428 m
Caravan External Length: 7.183 m
Caravan Width: 2.26 m
Caravan Unladen Weight: 1321 kg
Caravan MTPLM: 1500 kg
Caravan Awning Size: 965 cm
  • Description
Available at Torksey Caravans
4 Berth Used Caravan
End Washroom Layout

To enquire about this 2009 Coachman Wanderer LUX 17/4 used caravan, please contact our helpful team today on 01427 718226, or by using our website contact form. Alternately, you can also visit us at Torksey Caravans and view this caravan, seven days a week. If you're specifically travelling to us to view this model, please call us first to check it is still available.