BirchSorb - Pack of 3

Price: £14.99





Motorhomes and caravans

Static homes and lodges

Holiday homes and residential park homes

Boats and yachts

Storage spaces







Absorbs moisture from the air to prevent damage from damp conditions. 

Able to absorb 3x its weight in moisture. 

BirchSorb is an excellent year-round solution for leisure vehicle, damp prevention.


BirchSorb offers protection across a wide range of humidity conditions works from -5º - 60º degrees centigrade.

A single unit lasts for up to 8 weeks (depending on conditions).

Supplied with a double-sided adhesive strip, ideal for fixing inside cupboards, draws or internal storage spaces.

Supplied with a fold-out stand, allowing the BirchSorb carton to stand independently without fixings.

BirchSorb Damp Absorber is a no-leak and no moisture product that "locks in" water, ensuring no re-release of moisture, whatever the temperature.

Recommended for use in the sleeping and storage area of your leisure vehicle.

Install three BirchSorb hyperdesiccant dehumidifier units to protect your caravan, motorhome or leisure home for up to 8 weeks (up to 6-berths).

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